Mental Health America of Northeast Indiana announces new funding from The James Foundation

Fort Wayne, IN – August 11, 2020 – Mental Health America of Northeast Indiana (MHANI) received funding from The James Foundation in early July to support teacher well-being in DeKalb County.

Specifically, funding will support MHANI’s Schools Care Network. MHANI partners with schools that are devoted not only to understanding trauma but building communities in which students can process and resolve trauma. MHANI provides resources for teacher and student mental well-being, guide schools as they prepare a learning culture to accept and implement social-emotional learning, and help all adults who work with students to increase their own emotional intelligence and capacity.

“Providing mental health resources to educators and staff in DeKalb County was important to us at The James Foundation,” said Kendra Klink, Executive Director of The James Foundation. “The men and women working with our youth are helping to develop the future – the next president, Nobel prize winner, great American author or painter, CEO or teacher could be in their classroom. By caring for our educators and school staff we are caring for each and every student in their classrooms.”

In 2020, the Schools Care Network has provided training, services, or support to nearly 10,000 youth and adults.

“School districts in DeKalb County have worked with the Schools Care Initiative from the beginning,” according to Heather Miller, Director of School Services at MHANI. “We can’t wait to continue supporting students, teachers, and parents in DeKalb County with funding from The James Foundation.”

The James Foundation, Inc. believes that by serving as civic stewards, quality of life will be enriched acting as a catalyst to undertakings that strengthen both families and community. By enhancing existing social platforms and providing new educational and cultural opportunities, citizens will be empowered and inspired to initiate and cultivate positive change in all life experiences, nourishing vitality across the community.