Winter 2015 Newsletter

We were excited to include an announcement about our name change in the Winter 2015 newsletter! The expansion of our services to a larger region just made sense! We also featured Val, a Cedars Hope resident, and a poem by [...]

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October Newsletter 2015

This newsletter covers Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), its characteristics, and its treatments. Stephanie is the featured Cedars Hope resident. We also welcome Shalynn to the staff. Read the October Newsletter    

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July 2015 Newsletter

In the July 2015 newsletter, read about the importance of early identification of mental health challenges in children. Tips are provided on what to do if a parent, guardian, or teacher notices warning signs in a child. We also announced [...]

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April 2015 Newsletter

In our April 2015 newsletter, learn about bipolar disorder. What is it? What causes the disorder? What are the symptoms? How is it treated? Also, learn about Jackie, one of the 15 residents at Cedars Hope. The women at Cedars [...]

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