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Whether you’re dealing with stress, battling anxiety, depression, or other mental health challenges, or are trying to live an overall healthier life, our Wellness Recovery Action Plan course will help you on your path to wellness.

During the no-cost, peer-led, judgement-free course, you will:

  • Learn to develop a daily ‘wellness toolbox’ including stress reduction, healthy habits, lifestyle changes, and other self-identified strategies for wellness.
  • Create a daily maintenance plan to support your wellness.
  • Learn to recognize triggers and gain control of your life.
  • Identify a crisis plan and supportive people to turn to in times of need.

Date & Time

April 4th – May 4th; 2 sessions per week
Mondays and Wednesdays
11AM – 12:30PM each session
Session Dates: 4/4, 4/6, 4/11, 4/13, 4/25, 4/27, 5/2, & 5/4

Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/303890092447

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