Mental health is a topic that many people don’t know much about, because there has been a stigma around it for a long time.

Mental Health America of Northeast Indiana (MHANI) works towards increasing mental health knowledge in the community so that individuals facing a mental health condition are better understood and face less discrimination.

Trainings we offer:

Trainings can be customized to meet your audience’s unique needs. In-person and virtual options are available. Visit our Eventbrite page to view and register for upcoming trainings.

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Parenting with Mental Health in Mind | 1.5 Hour Training

Mental health challenges often start early in life making it essential to have a home environment that supports mental health. With information on how to connect and communicate with their children, as well as resources to go to for help, this course teaches parents to nurture positive mental health for their children as well as tips for taking care of themselves.

Cost: $40 per person

Question Persuade Refer | 3 Hour Training

QPR stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer — the 3 simple steps anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide.

Just as people trained in CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver help save thousands of lives each year, people trained in QPR learn how to recognize the warning signs of a suicide crisis and how to question, persuade, and refer someone to help.

As a QPR-trained Gatekeeper you will learn to:

  • Recognize the warning signs of suicide

  • Know how to offer hope

  • Know how to get help and save a life

Contact for pricing or learn more about the QPR Institute.

Stigma & Mental Health | 1.5 Hour Training

Stigma has limited our conversations around mental health and created barriers to seeking help despite the common prevalence of mental health conditions. We can reduce the impact of stigma when we change our language, understand the warning signs, and learn how to have a conversation.

Cost: $40 per person

The Science of Stress | 1.5 Hour Training

Stress is a common and regular experience for most American adults but has negative impacts on both our brain and body. Understanding the impacts of stress and how to manage it are vital for keeping us mentally and physically healthy.

Cost: $40 per person

Understanding Mental Health | 1.5 Hour Training

Mental Health affects everyone. Through this course you learn how everyone has a mental health and when we break down stigma, bring awareness to mental health challenges and learn to offer support to ourselves and others, we reduce barriers to living happy, healthy, fulfilling lives!

Cost: $40 per person

Mental Health First Aid for Youth Workers | 8 Hour Training

Mental Health First Aid for Youth Workers is designed to teach parents, caregivers, teachers, health and human services workers, and other community members how to effectively help a young person who is experiencing a mental health or addictions challenge or is in crisis.

The course introduces common mental health challenges for youth, reviews typical adolescent development, and teaches a 5-step action plan for how to help young people in both crisis and non-crisis situations. Topics include anxiety, depression, substance use, disorders in which psychosis may occur, disruptive behavior disorders (including AD/HD), and eating disorders. Learn more at the Mental Health First Aid website.

Cost: $150 per person

Customized Trainings

Mental Health America of Northeast Indiana (MHANI) offers evidence-informed trainings customized towards the needs of unique audiences. These trainings can cover a range of topics, geared towards an array of audiences to best assist attendees in applying the information provided.

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