Some exciting things are coming for Mental Wellness Works 2024…

Get ready for Mental Wellness Works 2024, featuring author, speaker, and internet personality Carlos Whittaker.

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 1st.

Carlos Whittaker, 2024 keynote speaker, is a storyteller, public speaker, social media personality, and author of four books, including How To Human. He is a People’s Choice Award winner and host of the Human Hope podcast. He draws a large following through his talks on cultivating connection and overcoming divide.

Stay tuned for more information!

Mental Wellness Works 2023

“This session gave practical, concrete advice on how to be intentional in creating a safe, mentally well workplace for employees. I really appreciated the simple advice on what I can do to make my employees feel safer, and hopefully less stressed, in the workplace.”
-Mental Wellness Works 2023 Attendee

In today’s uncertain, rapidly changing world, many employees are feeling fearful, overwhelmed, anxious, angry, uncertain and/or depressed. Toxic behaviors, stress and mental health issues continue to rise. While organizations can’t change what is going on in the world, highly successful ones create healthy, psychologically safe work environments where individuals, creativity, and productivity flourish. In this dynamic, straightforward and practical presentation, you will learn strategies you can immediately use to increase well-being, retention and morale.

On September 26th 2023, Mental Health America of Northeast Indiana once again hosted Dr. Sherene McHenry at Mental Wellness Works. Roughly 75 people representing 22 companies joined us at the Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation. Dr. McHenry focused on how leaders and managers can better support the mental health of their employees by delving into the five personality types of workers. She then walked attendees through observable changes they may notice in the work environment as teams change, and offered practical tips and phrases to use to address problems. Our workplaces have a significant impact on our mental health, and often times we spend more time with our coworkers than our families. That makes it even more important for employers to acknowledge the mental health of their employees.

“Dr. McHenry’s presentation really touched my heart, and it was incredibly helpful… Her presentation style is so dynamic and engaging. I can’t begin to explain how much I loved and appreciated this experience. I feel like I am much more prepared to handle mental health concerns with coworkers, and I feel like I have a new perspective on my own mental health. I scheduled an appointment with a trauma therapist, and I am hopeful for the first time in a long time. Thank you! 10 out of 10!”

-Mental Wellness Works 2022 Attendee