Please help develop a community that understands the importance of mental health by becoming a 2021 sponsor. People with mental health conditions, professionals, teachers, students, and parents all lean on MHA of Northeast Indiana for the mental health information they need to support themselves and each other.

Below, you will find information about community events presented by Mental Health America of Northeast Indiana in 2021. These events are designed to raise public awareness about mental health, its challenges, and how to build a supportive community.

EVENING OF HOPE 2021: Our signature fundraising event in May will include entertainment, dinner, and stories from people who live with mental health or substance use disorders.

HEALTHY WORKING LUNCHEON: This one-day seminar for businesses will feature a nationally recognized expert sharing how business benefit by supporting employee mental health.

ART OF HOPE: This third annual juried art exhibit encourages candid conversations around mental health while highlighting the works of local artists from across northeast Indiana.

Review Sponsorship Opportunities & Agreement

Please contact MHANI Engagement Coordinator Steve Linsenmayer at :

(260) 422-6441, ext, 110 or by Email

Your Support Makes These Mental and Emotional Health Services Possible.

Education & Training: In mental health, knowledge has the power to eliminate stigma and encourage understanding of positive mental health. We provide trainings on mental health and suicide to equip community members with the tools to support themselves and others.

Guardianship: Guardianship services can be life-saving for men and women who need legal guardians to make medical decisions for them.

Schools Care Network: This program helps school communities develop a culture of care through understanding, empathy, and empowerment for everyone. Students, parents, and teachers all have opportunities to recognize who they can lean on as they develop life-long coping skills and supportive relationships. 

Cedars Hope: This residential housing program offers permanent, affordable, supportive living to help women with severe mental health conditions build their independence and rediscover their self-worth. In 2020, Cedars Hope provided a stable home for 24 women. 

Peer Support: Through recovery courses and peer-facilitated support groups, community members in the midst of their recovery journey can lean on a role model who has been in their shoes.

Well2Work: This new workplace wellness program assists employers wanting to increase the productivity of their workforce through mental and emotional health, trauma, stress, and empathy trainings.

To Discuss Your Sponsorship

Please contact MHANI Engagement Coordinator Steve Linsenmayer at :

(260) 422-6441, ext, 110 or by Email