Over the past two years Mental Health America of Northeast Indiana (MHANI) has seen people from all walks of life increasing their desire to learn how to support the mental health of their families, friends and, most importantly, themselves. Widespread mental health education has been a cornerstone of our mission since MHANI was founded in 1954. Our trainings increase public knowledge regarding mental health topics like stress, understanding mental illness, and suicide prevention.

Mental health stigma cannot thrive in an environment of understanding. Education reduces stigma, dispels myths, and increases acceptance of people impacted by mental health challenges. Will you battle stigma, provide education, and increase understanding alongside us? Your sponsorship in 2022 supports this crucial work. Be a catalyst for building a community that values and supports mental health.

Questions about sponsoring the work of MHA of Northeast Indiana? Please contact Engagement Coordinator Steve Linsenmayer at (260) 417-3393 or by email at SLinsenmayer@mhanortheastindiana.org

NEW! Become a Mission Partner with an annual investment in mental health.

With 1 in 5 American adults facing a diagnosable mental health condition in any given year, your employees, colleagues, and business partners are impacted by mental health challenges, as well as the stigma and misunderstanding that comes along with it.

Take a stand for mental health in in your community by becoming a mission partner with Mental Health America of Northeast Indiana. As a Mission Partner, you will take your support to the next level by making a year-long commitment to advance mental and emotional well-being in your community.

When you support MHANI’s mission to promote mental and emotional health, you play a role in helping people across our region to better understand mental health, dispel myths, and eliminate stigma. You help make Northeast Indiana a better place to live, work, and play.

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MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH: We will provide a steady stream of sharable and usable mental health information, events and activities designed to raise the Mental Health literacy of our region.

MENTAL HEALTH AT WORK: Welcoming a nationally recognized speaker, the morning will include a brief breakfast keynote and extended workshop session to help you and your managers better understand the depth of workplace mental health and the benefit that we all gain by having a better understanding.

ART OF HOPE: This fourth annual juried art exhibit encourages candid conversations around mental health while highlighting the works of local artists from across northeast Indiana.

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Your Support Makes These Mental and Emotional Health Services Possible.

Education & Training: In mental health, knowledge has the power to eliminate stigma and encourage understanding of positive mental health. We provide trainings on mental health and suicide to equip community members with the tools to support themselves and others.

Peer Support: Through recovery courses and peer-facilitated support groups, community members in the midst of their recovery journey can lean on a role model who has been in their shoes.

Guardianship: Guardianship services can be life-saving for men and women who need legal guardians to make medical decisions for them.