Mental Health America of Northeast Indiana, Inc. (MHANI) is dedicated to sharing information about the organization and ensuring transparency to funders, donors, and constituents.

Each year, MHANI has an official inspection of the organization’s accounts by an independent certified public accountant. MHANI undergoes the audit process voluntarily in an effort to ensure our constituents, board members, and stakeholders that our financial management system is sound.

Here is a link to view the latest financial statements.

2018 Financial Report
2017 Financial Report

The annual Form 990 is MHANI’s tax return filed with the IRS, which includes information about mission, programs, and finances.

2018 990 Report
2017 990 Report

Our annual reports let our stakeholders know how the organization is doing. Please review the most recent annual report by clicking the link.

2018 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report